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I Know by David Lynch, from the upcoming album Crazy Clown Time (kind of the worst album title ever)

I always find myself listening to music and then trying to think of a vignette that a particular song will fit to. I want theme songs, I want to have an audible soundtrack playing for all to hear, whether I’m doing something inane like walking down the street or something dramatic like fighting with a lover. Like that might make the moment more memorable, or meaningful - or just really fucking cool. We all have moments like that, where the right song is playing at the right time and you notice it, and it makes you pause and realize that something important is happening.

While this song is in some ways laughable - I mean come on, it’s David Lynch deciding to be a musician now - it’s also one of those songs that has a definitive mood. I Know is a song that I’ll keep cataloged if everĀ I’m in a strange town, I’ve just killed a man and I’m on the run. I need a drink really fucking bad and I go to a shitty dive, a place that opens at 8am and closes at 4am. The kind of place where people don’t ask questions, you just drink and don’t make eye contact. The jukebox has this song on it and I play it, I just stand there, swaying, thinking about what I’ve done and what my next move will be.

gpoyw. been a long long time edition.

gpoyw. been a long long time edition.

For Tim

A little more toilet humor spread about the innernets.

Google image search: simpsons toilet armchair.


best. ever.

best. ever.

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